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                …is a world flooded from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

                The blog of the day is Evil Blogger Lady, with a post on the meaning of Memorial Day.

                And, a double shot below the fold, so, check out Jihad Watch, with a post on the Ramadan rage count.

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                CNN Hot-Take: Trump Arrives In Japan For Flattery

                World leaders travel the world, and get pomp and flattery. International diplomacy, right? Nothing unusual, right? Certainly, Obama received that type of treatment. But, hey, we’re in the age of Trump, so

                Trump arrives in Japan eager for flattery and pomp

                President Donald Trump arrived in Japan on Saturday eager for a visit salted with flattery and pomp — particularly as he escapes a hostile political environment back home.

                The President and first lady Melania Trump landed in Tokyo ahead of a largely ceremonial visit to recognize the country’s new emperor. Later they attended a dinner with Japanese business leaders meant to promote investment in the United States — fueled along, Trump hopes, by a new trade agreement that reduces the $68 billion trade deficit with Japan.

                The headline and first paragraph have nothing to do with the rest of the story, which is moss with Cght regarding trade talks and the problems with China and North Korea. But, hey, TDS. Which is why CNN mentions a small earthquake in Tokyo right before Trump arrived.

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                NY Times Wonders Why Jay Inslee Isn’t Catching On When ‘Climate Change’ Isn’t

                There really is a very simply answer for this, which NY Times writer Tripp Gabriel misses

                Climate Change Is Catching On With Voters. Why Isn’t Jay Inslee?

                For years, climate change was an issue of passionate concern to a few voters, but never enough to ripple presidential politics. The Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump debates in 2016 notoriously did not include any questions from moderators about global warming.

                But after an alarming onslaught of floods, wildfires and catastrophic weather, dire scientific warnings about the impact of a changing planet and a president who dismisses it all, climate change has moved up drastically in polls of Democratic voters’ priorities.?In some surveys, it has equaled or topped health care and jobs.

                And that raises a paradox: Why is the only candidate making climate change the center of his campaign, who has rolled out ambitious policies and has a track record of achievements,?Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington,stuck in the polling basement?

                One answer?

                Rather, Mr. Weber said, Mr. Inslee’s singular focus on climate change was, paradoxically, the reason he has yet to attract waves of millennial supporters.

                “Young people and Democratic primary voters of course want to see a candidate putting climate change and the urgency of it at the forefront,” said Mr. Weber, the organization’s political director. “But we also want to see a candidate who is addressing the other issues we care about.” He listed affordable college, health care, racial justice and immigration rights.

                Nope, that’s not it.

                Ed Fallon, a climate activist in Iowa, who runs a group that dresses in penguin suits to confront candidates about climate, said Mr. Inslee’s challenge was not his age or his personality. He just needs to show up more on the campaign trail, he said.

                Very stupid person is also wrong, and those are the only two reasons offered by a story that starts with a question.

                ‘Climate change’ action may be popular in theory among Democrat voters per polling, but, it is not particularly popular in practice. In action. In passing laws that will personally affect those voters. That will increase their cost of living and reduce their personal liberty. They’re fine when it hurts That Guy, Other People, Someone Else, but they see what people like Inslee are pushing and know it will hurt themselves.

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                Chicago School To Spend $53k To Reprint Yearbooks With “White Supremacist” Hand Sign Or Something

                Has no one explained that they are being punked? That it is not a white supremacist sign? That it was a joke that they fell for? That it is something completely different? If so, they didn’t listen

                High school reprints yearbooks after students seen flashing alleged racist signs

                A Chicago high school will reprint its 2018-19 yearbooks at a cost of $53,794 after 18 photographs show students making a hand gesture associated with white nationalism, according to reports.

                Students of “various races, ethnicities, genders and grades” were seen flashing the upside-down “OK,” schools chief Joylynn Pruitt-Adams told parents, students and staff in an email Monday about the Oak Park and River Forest HS,?according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

                “The photos in question, as well as other club/team photos in which students are striking poses and making gestures, will be replaced with straight-forward group shots,” Pruitt-Adams wrote about the 1,750 copies of “Tabula.”

                Wait, so students of various races and ethnicities are dropping “white supremacy” hand signs? What are, in the real world, known as an OK sign for who knows how long?

                The hand gesture has at times been used in the popular “circle game,” in which pranksters holds the circle below their waists to make others look at it, but it has more recently become associated with the white supremacist movement.

                Which is what they were. Does this mean the students get to punch the idiots who made this decision on the schoolbooks in the shoulder? That’s the penalty for noticing.

                Members of the online group 4chan first began using the symbol as a means of tricking others into thinking they were seeing “white power” symbols everywhere.

                Groups like the Anti-Defamation League have said the gesture has come to signify an authentic hate symbol.

                No, it really hasn’t, except in the minds of moonbats.

                One of the school board members voted against reprinting the books, because

                “One of my biggest concerns: that if we toss out these 1,750 Tabulas, rather than come to the thoughtful conclusion that they should still be distributed, we are playing right into the hands of all the haters whose evil is at the root of this corrosive and divisive angst — and worse — that we are experiencing,”?he said on Facebook.

                Playing the circle game is hate and evil? Good grief. It’s no wonder kids are becoming lunatics when their elders teach them this.

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                Hot Take: Young Warmists Blame ‘Climate Change’ For Small 401k Balances

                It couldn’t have anything to do with them getting degrees that have little market/job value while running up tens of thousands in student loans debt for those bad degree decisions, right? It’s definately your fault for driving a fossil fueled vehicle and living a modern lifestyle

                Young people blame climate change for their small 401(k) balances

                Lori Rodriguez, a 27-year-old communications professional in New York City, is not saving for retirement, and it isn’t necessarily because she can’t afford to — it’s because she doesn’t expect it to matter.

                Like many people her age, Rodriguez believes climate change will have catastrophic effects on our planet. Some 88% of millennials — a higher percentage than any other age group — accept that climate change is happening, and 69% say?it will impact them?in their lifetimes. Engulfed in a constant barrage of depressing news stories, many young people are skeptical about saving for an uncertain future.

                “I want to hope for the best and plan for a future that is stable and secure, but, when I look at current events and at the world we are predicting, I do not see how things could not be chaotic in 50 years,” Rodriguez says. “The weather systems are already off, and I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to be a little apocalyptic.”

                It could be that the older Warmists have made them have more mental issues

                Mental-health issues affecting young adults and adolescents in the U.S. have increased significantly in the past decade, a study published in March in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology found. The number of individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 reporting symptoms of?major depression increased 52%?from 2005 to 2017, while older adults did not experience any increase in psychological stress at this time, and some age groups even saw decreases. Study author Jean Twenge says this may be attributed to the increased use of digital media, which has changed modes of interaction enough to impact social lives and communication. Millennials are also said to suffer from “eco-anxiety,” according to a?2018 report from the American Psychological Association, with 72% saying their emotional well-being is affected by the inevitability of climate change, compared with just 57% of people over the age of 45.

                So, a tiny 1.5F increase in temperatures since 1850 is making them loopy? Oh, brother.

                Meanwhile, two-thirds of millennials — defined by Pew as the generation born?between 1981 and 1996?— have?nothing saved for retirement, according to the National Institute on Retirement Security. The millennials who are saving had an average balance of $25,500 and were contributing 7.3% of their paychecks as of the second quarter of 2018, figures from Fidelity showed. While most millennials say?they are not saving?because they simply can’t afford to, for others it’s about the feeling that they may not have a future to save for, says Matt Fellowes, chief executive officer of United Income, an online retirement investment platform based in Washington, D.C.

                My generation (Gen X, born in 1967) and previous ones had to deal with the very real specter of nuclear war, yet, we still saved. I don’t necessarily blame these little idiots, it’s their elders who have made them this way, particularly the news media and education system. They’re just too fragile.

                This keeps going and going, ending with something that should be at the beginning before the Millennials tune out and hit a new site

                Erin Lowry, author of “Broke Millennial Takes On Investing,” recommends preparing for retirement no matter what you believe will happen, referencing the Y2K phenomenon, when some people sold their belongings and made other rash choices in the belief that the world would end?with the dawn of the year 2000.

                “Even if you have a defeatist mind-set about the future of the planet, it’s better to prepare as though you, and the planet, will survive into your retirement years because the alternative is also bleak,” she said. “Failing to properly plan for a future means guaranteeing yourself a more difficult life.”

                Because the planet will survive. Doom is not coming.

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                If All You See…

                …is a horrible fossil fueled vehicle causing cactus’ to grown in areas, you might just be a Warmist

                The blog of the day is The Deplorable Climate Science Blog, with a post on the Memorial Day weekend global warming devastation.

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                AOC Loses Mind Over Tornado Warning, Blames ‘Climate Change’

                I wonder if she realizes that they get tornado watches and warnings even in NYC, which is normal, and what is called “weather”?


                (Daily Caller) Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested the tornado warning that hit the D.C. area Thursday was part of the “climate crisis” she has previously said humanity only has 12 years left to solve.

                “The climate crisis is real y’all,” Ocasio said on Instagram Thursday, “guess we’re at casual tornadoes in growing regions of the country?”

                However, she was quickly fact-checked by meteorologist Ryan Maue, who pointed out that far from proof of a “climate crisis,” D.C.’s tornado warning was “just the weather.”

                The Washington, D.C., area was?hit with a tornado warning?Thursday afternoon. An intense, but short-lived storm, brought heavy rainfall and high winds. No tornado hit D.C., however, but the whole event was enough to inspire Ocasio-Cortez to post on Instagram.

                “Different parts of the country deal with different climate issues,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in her Instagram post. “But ALL of these threats will be increasing in intensity as climate crisis grows and we fail to act appropriately. #GreenNewDeal.

                Could someone explain to the idiot woman-child that D.C. happens to sit in a place where severe storms hit all the time? This includes t-storms, tornadic, floods, snow, ice, even tropical systems. It is, quite frankly, one of the dumbest places to have put the nation’s capital, especially with all the swamp-land.

                Tornadoes in D.C. are nothing new or unusual

                August 25, 1814: A “most tremendous hurricane” struck the city during the?Burning of Washington?during the?War of 1812. There are few historical accounts of this event, and many sources disagree on the details. Some sources question whether this event was a tornado or a?hurricane. However, most agree that it was a true tornado, and some maintain that it was a tornado followed closely by a hurricane. Whatever its nature, the storm tore the roofs from many buildings. Several cannons were thrown through the air by the violent winds. Thirty British soldiers and some residents were buried in the rubble, and several died. Damage to trees also occurred “higher in the country.” The British Army left Washington soon after the storm, and heavy rains which accompanied the storm helped extinguish the fires.[4][5][7][8]At least thirty people died.[9]

                Tornado warnings are nothing unusual, either, due to where D.C. is located. But, AOC’s reaction is based on how a generation is being educated and scared out of their little minds, how they are brainwashed. They just do not know better, and will freak out over every single weather event. I don’t really blame her as much as other people who made her this way. Though I do blame her and people like her for not taking the time to investigate all the information to get informed.

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                Dem Senators Want NBC Debate To Focus On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

                I suppose this might work during an early primary debate, but, it will be interesting to see what the ratings are if they do make it happen, because ‘climate change’ action seems to be popular in theory, not so much in practice, especially when the candidates start talking about the cost of living increases and loss of personal freedom

                Democratic senators want NBC primary debate to focus on climate change

                Three Senate Democrats are calling on NBC News to have its first presidential debate focus exclusively on climate change.

                Sens. Brian Schatz (Hawaii), Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.) and Martin Heinrich (N.M.) said in a letter to NBC’s top brass that the 2016 debates improperly shortchanged a topic of high interest to Democratic voters.

                “There are many ways to address the climate crisis, and voters want to know what policies each candidate supports,” the trio wrote in a letter to NBC News Chairman Andy Lack. “Voters deserve a vigorous debate with an informed moderator that can press candidates for detailed answers and hold them accountable.”

                Environmental groups and several 2020 candidates have also called for a climate-centric debate. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) joined that chorus last week, following a similar request from Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D).

                Oh, make it happen, make it happen. Of course, they won’t actually be asked tough questions such as “what will your plan do to the cost of living of American citizens?” and “your plan makes it a lot harder for citizens to move around not just the country, but their own states, doesn’t it?” Oh, and the ever popular “what have you done to reduce your own carbon footprint? Paying for carbon offsets doesn’t count.”

                And here’s yet another Democrat trotting out a climate plan

                John Delaney is adding his name to a growing list of Democratic presidential hopefuls rolling out climate action plans, with a $4 trillion proposal announced on Thursday.

                The former Maryland congressman’s plan focuses on six key areas to tackle the “climate crisis,” including an introduction of a carbon tax, renewable energy investments and funding carbon capture technology.

                “We have to act on climate and we have to act now,” Delaney said in a statement. “We need a real plan to hit our goals and we have to listen to actual scientists. This is a real plan that all Americans can support. It is full of new ideas and massive investments in innovation that will both deal with climate change and create jobs in the heartland and all across our country.”

                Delaney’s campaign called his commitment to a carbon tax, or fee, the largest component of his climate plan. He proposes starting the fee on carbon pollution at $15 per metric ton of Co2 and increasing the cost by $10 every year. The issue was an important one for Delaney while he was in Congress. He introduced the first bipartisan carbon fee and dividend bill in over 10 years, according to his campaign.

                Who’s surprised that a tax is the top idea from a Democrat?

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                Racial Prejudice Has Declined In Trump Era

                Of course, the study that tells us this and the Washington Post attempt to spin it away as something else, in a way that almost seems to be Blaming him, but, remember, racial prejudice skyrocketed during the Obama era

                Racial prejudice has declined as a reaction to Trump’s presidency, a new study suggests

                Donald Trump?began his campaign for the presidency?by branding Mexicans as “rapists.” He initially?declined to denounce David Duke, the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. One week after his 2017 inauguration, the president?temporarily banned people from seven mostly Muslim countries?from entering the United States. That summer, he?said there were “very fine people”?among torch-wielding white supremacists who descended on Charlottesville.

                Mexican and Muslim are not races. Oh, and don’t forget the Democrats lauding Robert KKK Byrd for decades

                Now, those who are seeking to deny President Trump a second term say their mission is not only replacing him in the Oval Office but also leading Americans back from their own baser instincts.

                Joe Biden?said?he is engaged in a “battle for the soul of this nation.”

                And Sen. Kamala D. Harris, the Democrat of California,?said?Trump “isn’t trying to make America great; he’s trying to make America hate.”

                Has he succeeded?

                Narrator: no, but they’ll find a way to make him be at fault for the nation being less racially intolerant

                A new study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania suggests there is room for doubt, despite rising incidents of hate crimes, notably?in the very counties that hosted a Trump rally in 2016.

                Racial prejudice has not increased among white Americans since the explosive 2016 election, argues political scientist Daniel J. Hopkins. It has actually decreased by some measures, he found, possibly as a reaction to Trump’s unexpected ascension to the White House.

                Hopkins said the results initially surprised him. Upon reflection, however, “it’s quite conceivable that Trump has simultaneously galvanized a small number of highly prejudiced white Americans while also pushing millions more to affirm that they are not as prejudiced,” he argued.

                In other words, Hopkins believes the study provides evidence that the racially incendiary rhetoric and policies issuing from Trump’s White House have pushed the majority of Americans in the opposite direction.

                Or it could be that we no longer have a president attempting to racially divide us like Obama, and the whole Black Lives Matter thing has quietly faded to the background. We aren’t seeing marches, racial grievance mongers all over the media, and all sorts of black power folks during sports.

                Of course, for the racial grievance mongers, this would be a bad thing, because they depend on grievance and playing the Victim.

                Read: Racial Prejudice Has Declined In Trump Era »

                Latest Warmist Idea: Nine Hour Work Week To Stop Hotcoldwetdry

                So, who’s going to pay for all the modern lifestyles?

                From the screed

                People across Europe will need to work drastically fewer hours to avoid disastrous climate heating unless there is a radical decarbonising of the economy, according to a study.

                The research,?from thinktank Autonomy, shows workers in the UK would need to move to nine-hour weeks to keep the country on track to avoid more than 2C of heating at current carbon intensity levels. Similar reductions were found to be necessary in Sweden and Germany.

                The findings are based on OECD and UN data on greenhouse gas emissions per industry in the three countries. It found that at current carbon levels, all three would require a drastic reduction in working hours as well as urgent measures to decarbonise the economy to prevent climate breakdown.

                Hilariously, on page one of that “study”, we see “As early as the 1880s, Paul Lafargue, a son-in-law of Karl Marx, put forth the demand for a three-hour work day…” If you’re starting out with a link to Karl Marx, thinks are going downhill from there.

                And to answer my original question, no, there is no mention as to what happens financially when people are working less than 10 hours a week, which is what the short “paper” wants to happen.

                Read: Latest Warmist Idea: Nine Hour Work Week To Stop Hotcoldwetdry »

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